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Leadership Bio(s) for The Health Museum:

Did a tremendous amount of copy editing while proofreading information on the leadership at The Health Museum. In addition to editing, I took photos with a greenbush plant to serve as background material.

My intention was to uphold The Health Museum, and its brand standards in a way everyone can get behind. For this reason, the color green, was implemented in photos. Most color psychology experts agree — green relates to balance and harmony. In addition, it’s also a color for calming; relaxing; and reassuring during times of great stress. This reflects perfectly with the museum’s agenda to educate and entertain hundreds of thousands by providing exhibits on health and medical science. Furthermore leaders at The Health Museum take interest on their guest, and their experience that is both transparent and genuine.

You also get a better sense who the good leaders as individuals as well how far they’ve come to be in the position they’re today. I thoroughly enjoyed myself getting to know some of these individuals a little better and flesh out their personality with my own style of writing. In the end, the bios and pictures, came out well and were the first things updated on the new website.