Review of Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)


I recall back in April 2016 when all my NYC friends began posting pictures of their playbill copies of  Hamilton: An American Musical and thought well that’s nice moving on…

Needless to say it didn’t catch my attention right away. It wasn’t until on Tumblr that I began to see illustrations of Hamilton and gifs depicting the original cast that really did it for me.


After listening to the soundtrack one time through — I couldn’t stop replaying then after. Lin-ManuelMiranda has created something new for all the kids/ and adults to enjoy. It makes learning this particular time period fun. I can’t even look at money the same way anymore without  hearing the music inside my head.  More importantly it reflects the politics we are facing presently.

If there’s one thing we can take away from Hamilton is that our founding fathers were imperfect human beings just like you, me and everyone else.

Therefore next time you read or hear someone mention Hamilton……..

Embrace it!