• A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.


She is not certain when her melancholic thinking first started or why it just showed up one day like an uninvited guest. She only knew that once it took hold of her soul nothing would ever make her feel safe until…

She struggled for many years with this great sadness that her faith in the Lord whittled away along with her dreams of finding her most intimate passions. Since then logic rather intuition lead to her a profession that she was good at but never quite felt it lived up to her potential. She even tried marrying the first bloke she took fancy to but, that ended disastrously after he confessed he only liked her for the sex. How did she react thereafter you ask?


She cried.

And she cried.

Even her pet cat meowed sadly for not being able to comfort its human. That is until a mysterious knock was heard one morning.

It could not have been her parents who lived two states over or her best friend Jemima Poole who was on a romantic holiday with her boyfriend. And it certainly was not her jerk face soon to be ex-husband.

It was nobody.

In fact the hallway to her apartment was deserted. Could she have imagined the knock on the door? “Well fuck me, right?” she grumbled to herself.

A voice called out: “What the actual fuck? I turn out to be an even bigger loser as a grown woman? Fuuuccckkk!”

The woman turned her entire body around and came face to face with someone she never thought she would ever see again: Melanie Trevino, age 13.



melancholy, part 1

I just want to take this moment to comment how this space here will be used to describe how certain stories take shape in my head. I like to experiment and absolutely don’t write FAN FICTION. Don’t get me wrong FF is great for those aspiring to be writers, bloggers and copy editors but it’s my firm belief that one shouldn’t use another person’s fruit of labor for profit like a certain series we all know so well….

What else did I want to say? Ah, yes this piece is weird. I had initially wanted to write a romantic story about two people living across from each other’s apartment but then I thought why not tell it with a twist? I hope to write part 2 soon but there are so many ideas running inside my head.  For now I’ll just be writing and posting as my brain sees fit.  I’m also trying to figure out how to navigate WordPress. It’s been a while since I used a site like this.